Yamuna® Face Ball

The Yamuna® face Ball Method is a proven-effective, deeply therapeutic toning technique for facial rejuvenation that you can learn to do yourself to counteract the unhealthy effects of aging.

Just like the rest of the body, our faces are subject to repetitive stress patterns. Think about how often you furrow your brows, squint, how intensely you chew, whether you habitually clench your jaw, and all the hours spent straining your eyes while looking at computers or mobile devices.

These sustained stress patterns tighten muscles in the face, neck and head causing the bones of the skull become stuck in rigid and contracted positions. Results often include headaches, temporomandibular jaw pain, chronic sinus problems, eyestrain, loss of skin elasticity and even premature wrinkles.

You can Benefit Your Face.
As a clinical Esthetician and Acupuncture physician, I teach you how to exercise your face with Yamuna® Face Ball. Enjoy the glow after just one session –- the eyes more relaxed and open, the brows lifted, the cheekbones more defined, and the whole face rejuvenated.

Once you feel the difference in your face when it is truly relaxed, you will want to incorporate Yamuna Face Ball into a daily self-care routine.